Cooperatives Directory

Żabbar Farmers’ Co-operative Society Limited

Farmers from Żabbar, Żejtun, Birżebbuġa, Marsaxlokk, Xgħajra and Marsaskala are members of this co-operative. The co-operative also runs a shop, situated at Wied il-Ghajn Street, Zabbar, called Agricentre. This offers certain services and agricultural products in partnership with Agricultural Co-Operative Limited.

Contact Details:
C/o Shed 3 Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Centre
Ta’ Qali BZN 09
Tel: 21430933
Fax: 21415247
E-mail:  [email protected]

St. Paul’s Bay Farmers’ Co-operative Society Limited


This co-operative is made up of the farmers from the localities of St. Paul’s Bay, Manikata and Burmarrad. The co-operative offers its services primarily from its centre at Manikata.

The Armoury,
Il-Kamp ta’ Għajn Tuffieħa
Triq il-Manikata

Tel: 21581592,
Mob: 79393881,

email: [email protected],


Facebook page: Koperattiva Rurali


Siġġiewi Farmers’ Co-operative Society Limited

Farmers from Siġġiewi, Fawwara, Girgenti and the surrounding areas set up a co-operative which was officially registered on January 18th 1947. This co-operative has since amalgamated with Żebbuġ Farmers’ Co-operative.

Contact Details:
Address: Fruit and Vegetable Market, Shed 3, Triq il-Pitkali, Attard ATD 4000
Tel: 21414955; 21430933
E-mail: [email protected]

Rabat Farmers’ Co-operative Society Limited

This is the largest farmers’ primary co-operative and offers services from its centre at Bir ir-Riebu Street in Rabat. Members benefit by buying seeds, medicines fertilizers and tools.

31H, Triq Bir ir-Riebu,
Rabat RBT 08
Tel: 21454204; 21452951
Mob:  79437855

Farmers’ Central Co-operative Society Limited

This cooperative is made up of seven primary cooperatives comprising around a thousand farmers who deliver their products at the PitKali centre, Ta’ Qali. This cooperative struggles to obtain the best prices for their farmers, who altogether represent over 26% of the products sold at the Pitkali.

c/o Shed 3 Triq il-Pitkali
Fruit & Vegetable Market Centre
Ta’ Qali, Attard ATD4000

Tel: 2141 4955, 2143 0933
Fax: 2141 5247
Email: [email protected]

Dingli Farmers’ Co-operative Society Limited

The members of this co-operative are from the Dingli and Baħrija area. This co-operative offers its members a service for the collection and transport of their produce to the vegetable market at Ta’ Qali.

97, Triq Guze` Ellul Mercer, Dingli, DGL 117
Telephone: 2141 3890, 2145 6112

email: [email protected]

Qormi Farmers’ Co-operative Society Limited

Farmers from Qormi, Santa Venera, Tal-Ħlas and the surrounding areas followed the footsteps of their farmer colleagues and their society was registered officially on February 15th 1947. Qormi farmers are well known for their cultivation and high quality of lettuce.

Contact Details:
Address: Fruit and Vegetable Market, Shed 3, Triq il-Pitkali, Attard ATD 4000
Tel: 21414955; 21430933
E-mail: [email protected]

Mġarr Farmers’ Cooperative Society Ltd

Brief description of Activity: Farmers Cooperative
List of Products and/or Services: Sales of seed / Fertilizer/ Plant Protection Products and other Agricultural Material

Main Activities throughout the Year: Promotion and Improvement of members’ produce

Success Stories: Improvement of Production, mainly strawberries

Contact Details:

Address: Triq Sir Temi Zammit Zebbiegħ

Tel: 21582410


e-mail: [email protected]

Koperattiva Produtturi tal-Ħalib Limitata

Back in 1958, the milk producers of both Malta and Gozo formed a co-operative. It offers its members benefits and services including, veterinarian, artificial insemination, personal insurance which also covers their livestock and farms, together with installation, repairs and sales of milking machinery.

Contact Details:
Address: A38, K.P.H Feedmill,
Qasam Industrijali,
Marsa LQA 06
Tel: 21234592; 21247067; 21237128; 21455220
Fax: 21240438
E-mail: [email protected]

Koperattiva Għawdxija Agrikola Gozitano Ltd

This co-operative operates a vegetable market service from the centre at Xewkija Gozo. It also runs a shop and supplies its members with seeds, fertilizers and farming equipment amongst other things. The co-operative grinds animal feed for its members.

Contact Details:

Triq l-Imġarr, Xewkija VCT111
Telephone: 2155 6157, 2155 0822
Fax: 2155 0817
email: [email protected]

Farmers Wine Co-operative Limited

This cooperative specializes in processing its wine by buying the grapes from its members and supports the interest of vine growers. It has its factory at Burmarrad and is also responsible for the delivery of its wine.

The Winery
Triq Burmarrad
Burmarrad SPB08

Tel: 2157 3799
Fax: 2157 3799
Email: [email protected]

Għaqda Koperattiva Tas-Sajd Limitata

This co-operative directly negotiates the sale of fish catches made by its fishermen members. It is also involved in the exportation of fish.

Xatt is-Sajjieda
M’Xlokk ZTN09

Tel: 21681826, 21682525, 21650962, 21653826
Fax: 21681826, 21688555, 21653826
Email: [email protected]

Agricultural Co-operative Limited (Agricoop)

This cooperative offers specialized services to those member farmers by providing seeds, fertilizers, modern drip systems, pesticides, machinery, greenhouses and soil sterilizing. This cooperative operates a modern centre at Ħaż-Żebbuġ, and runs the Agricentres at Rabat, Burmarrad and Siġġiewi.

Address: ACL Buildings
Triq l-Imdina,
Żebbuġ  ŻBĠ 9015  Malta
Tel: 21468841/2
Fax: 21462987
Mob: 79653819
E-mail: [email protected]

Koperattiva ta’ Min Irabbi l-Majjal Limited

KIM unites all 150 producers in the pork industry in Malta to guarantee a supply of genuine, fresh Maltese pork to the table.

Mission statement:

“To maintain a viable, thriving local pork sector, ensuring high quality, fresh pork at prices that are fair to producers, processors, retailers and consumers alike”.

Contact Details:
Address: 5A, Xatt il-Qwabar,
Marsa  HMR 17
Tel: 21236340; 21236348; 21237746
Fax: 21241561
E-Mail: [email protected]

Koperattiva tal-Burdnara (1987) Limitata

This co-operative focuses on organising its members who are involved in the transport, carrying, transferring and stowing of all types of merchandise.

Contact Details:
c/o Dr. George Hyzler GVTH Advocates, 192 Old Bakery Str. Valletta VLT 1455
Tel: 21249029;
Fax: 21374555; 21332206

Co-operative Services (Travel, minibuses and maintenance) Limited

This co-operative brings together members who provide a minibus service for school children and other services relating to tourism. They have vans provided with lifters to aid the aged during transport and also provide a towing service.

Triq il-Knisja l-Qadima
Birkirkara BKR12

Tel: 2148 0707, 2148 7740
Fax: 2148 4429
Email: [email protected]

Koperattiva Nazzjonali Tas-Sajd Limited

All the members in this co-operative are involved in fishing. It organises the selling, importation and exportion of fish. It also acquires vessels and equipment which are used in the best interest of its members.

Address: Dar is-Sajjieda, Xatt is-Sajjieda, M’Xlokk
Tel: 21688391; 21659391
Fax: 21652132
E-mail: [email protected]

Motor Towing Co-op Limited

A 24-hour towing service as well as maintenance is offered by the members of this co-operative. The MTC helps its members to better the quality of their service through a professional approach and modern equipment

62, Office 3,
Triq San Silvestru, Mosta
tel: 2132 0349, 2133 3332, 21333033
fax: 2133 3133
email: [email protected]

Koperattiva tal-Furnara (Servizzi) Limitata

This co-operative offers its baker members advantageous prices for flour, salt and yeast. It also ensures best prices for machinery and equipment related to the development of this sector.

Contact details:

Mob: 99453841

E-mail: [email protected]

Koperattiva Għawdxija tal-Indafa Pubblika Limitata

The members of this co-operative are involved in the collection of refuse, cleaning of streets and hiring out of skips in Gozo. The co-operative is responsible for negotiating contracts with the best possible conditions.

Contact details:

Address: P.O. Box 23 Victoria, Gozo

Telephone: 2155 9570

email: [email protected]

Outlook Management and Comm. Co-operative Limited

Outlook Coop was the first academic Worker Cooperative and was formed in 1995. It provides an array of professional and specialised services in Human Resource Management and Development, Training, and Communications consultancy, Marketing, Media Production, Graphic Design & Printing.  This means Outlook Coop offers more services than what one organisation normally accomplishes to ensure that the task is completed effectively and efficiently.
Contact Details:

Triq l-Iskultur, Ħal Qormi QRM 3560
Tel: +356 2144 1604
Fax: + 356 2144 1605
[email protected]

Koperattiva Kulturali Universitarja Socjeta` Limitata
This co-operative was set up with the aim of producing quality cultural activities through theatical, muscial, literary and audio-visual productions.

Contact details:

Address: No. 133, Communications and Alumni Relations Office, Administration Building, Universita` ta’ Malta, Tal-Qroqq, Msida MSD 2080
Tel: 23403080, 23402236
Fax: 21343562
E-mail: [email protected][email protected]

Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust Limitata

The main aim of this co-operative is to promote products made by workers in third world countries, thus ensuring that they get a fair price for their efforts. It runs the shop named “L-Arka” in St Paul Street, Valletta.

Contact person: Mr. John Axiaq
Address: “L-Arka”
306, Triq San Pawl,
Tel: 21491373; 21244865
E-Mail: [email protected]

Koperattiva Għawdxija tal-Bizzilla u Artiġjanat Limitata

The members of this co-operative buy their own materials in order to ensure the highest possible quality for their products while keeping the costings low. Some of their products include tablecloths, baptism and wedding outfits, as well as other quality items related to the traditional skill of lace-making.

Contact Details:
Address: University Gozo Centre
Mġarr Road,
Xewkija  Gozo
Tel: 21553299; 21563547; 21564559
Fax: 21553299

e-mail: [email protected]

Koperattiva tat-Tabelli u Sinjali tat-Traffiku (tal-Gvern) Limitata

This co-operative was the first one to be founded under Scheme B at the Department of Public Works. The purpose of the workers in this co-operative is to specialize in road maintenance especially in traffic signs, road markings, bus shelters, fixing of poles and fencing, etc.

Contact Details:
Address: C/o  MSD
Albert Town
Marsa  HMR 15
Tel: 21225240; 21221483
Fax: 21237382
E-mail: [email protected]

Koperattiva tal-Barklori Limitata

The stevedores from the Kottonera area formed this co-operative with the aim of organising their services in a professional manner, especially with regards to the tourist industry.

Contact Details:
PO Box 17, Triq San Pawl, Cospicua CSP01
Contact person: Doris Abela
Tel: 21666173
E-mail:  [email protected]

KopTaCo Coaches Co-op Ltd.

This co-operative offers transport services mainly in the tourist industry. It provides a 24-hour service utilising about 52 luxurious, air-conditioned coaches equipped with two-way radios.

Contact Details:
Address: “Buttons” Door 2, Sliema Road, Gżira GZR 04
Tel: 21338667
Fax: 21341846

email: [email protected]

Bookings:  [email protected]

Koperattiva Kopri Limitata

The members of this co-operative specialise in professional desk top publishing. They also print, publish and distribute newspapers, magazines and all types of publications.

Contact Details

Address: 60, Triq id-Dejqa, Valletta VLT1431

Telephone: 7928 2983

email: [email protected] 

Koperattiva Għas-Servizzi Farmaċewtiċi Limitata

The purpose of this co-operative is to buy medicinals in bulk, while ensuring the quality approved by the World Health Organisation, for the benefit of both pharmacists and consumers.

Contact Details:
Address: South Store 6, Marina Milling Complex,
Marsa Industrial Estate,

Tel: 21221834
Fax: 21221837
E-mail: [email protected]

Links Discounters Coop. Soc. Ltd.

A group of grocer shop owners got together to form this co-operative. They work together as importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, distributors and agents as well as grocers.

Contact Details:

Address: Plot 2, New Street,
Ghajn Qajjet,
Rabat  RBT 04
Tel: 21459398; 21657354; 21453981 (warehouse)
Fax: 21452847
E-mail: [email protected][email protected]

Koperattiva Linen Service (Kols) Soċjetà Limitata

Brief description of Activity: Hospital Laundry and Healthcare linen supplies
Success Stories: Managed to establish great savings to the health Division (in the region of Lm250,000 Yearly) and has gained other private clients in the healthcare sector.  It is now accepted, that our Coop is the only health-care linen stockist provider on the island.

Contact Details:
C/o Mount Carmel Hospital
Attard BZN 09,
21438762 / 21438763
[email protected]

Northern Cleaning Coop. Ltd.

This co-operative provides refuse collection services, street sweeping, skips and other areas concerning public cleanliness.

Contact Details: Flt 1, Antonia Flats, Nerik Mizzi Str, Mosta
Tel: 21415774; 99428579
Fax: 21410619
email: [email protected]

Archaeology Services Cooperative Ltd.

Brief description of Activity: Archaeology Services

List of Products and/or Services: Archaeological excavations. Archaeological documentation of sites, monitoring of development works in archaeologically sensitive areas, surveys: archaeologically impact assessments, heritage management, project management, lectures, exhibitions.

Contact Details:
35, Triq il-Kunċizzjoni, Żejtun
99872954 / 79203818
[email protected]

Payzone Co-operative Ltd

Brief description of Activity: Phonecards distribution & sales
Public payphones installations
List of Products and/or Services: Easyline / go mobile / Telecards /Talktime / Maltanet /Internet vouchers

Contact Details:
St. Paul’s Street Naxxar
21430544 / 21418770
[email protected]

KRL Cooperative Ltd.

The co-operative was set up with the aim of running the game of lotto or any other existing legal betting games which are acknowledged in the Maltese Islands.

Contact Person: Alfred Muscat

Contact Details:
Address: 7, St. Andrew`s Street,
Valletta  VLT 12
Tel: 99449209
email: [email protected][email protected]

Koperattiva Youth Generation Ltd 

This co-operative offers professional services within the community, particularly in all sectors of interest to youth. The aim is to consolidate the personal and social development of youth.

Contact person: Mr Marcon Cassar

Contact Details:

Address: C/o 189, Żabbar Road, Fgura
Tel: 21248299; 21820455
E-mail: [email protected]

Crossroad Co-operative Society Ltd.

The Crossroad Co-op was establised as a co-operative society on 15th June 2002 through a contractual agreement with Malta’ Water Services Corporation (WSC), following an initial eight months trial period which had commenced in October of the previous year. The society operates under Director Mr Joseph Busuttil. The cooperative’s ethos is that of supporting and rendering services to WSC through a range of operations that includes trenching works, repair and replacement of domestic water main pipes, valves, and meters, installation of water supply service to new residences, and replacement of obsolete installations, in order to ensure a better and more efficient water distribution system.

Contact details:

Address: Pumping station, Wied il-Kbir, Limits of Qormi

Email: c[email protected]

Vista Cooperative Society Ltd.

Vista Coop provides childcare and edutainment services. It aims to provide quality, innovative educational projects aimed at children and their working parents. It operates Kidstart Childcare & Development Centre as well as Kidstart Summer Club.

Contact Details:
Kidstart Childcare and Development Centre
228, Misraħ il-Barrieri
Santa Venera SVR 1759
Tel: 21445758
Mob: 99995758
Fax: 21441605

e-mail: [email protected]

The Executive Transport Coop. Ltd.

The Executive Transport Coop Ltd. was founded in 2004, and is active in the fields of public service passenger transport, namely: the white minibus service; chauffer driven cars; wedding and special function limousines and self-drive cars. We have chauffered famous names such as renowned Italian singer Amedeo Minghi, to foreign dignitaries attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM). The Cooperative also offers services in minibus advertising and insurance. They strive to provide you with the best possible service at the highest possible standards. The Executive Transport Coop involves a team who is committed to an efficient, reliable, personalised, friendly and safe service to the client.

Contact Details:

Address: 26, Binja tal-Gvern, Triq il-Ġdida, Ħal Luqa

Mob: 79426332; 79495993

Tel: 21221572
Fax: 21221572

Transport Services for Disabled Persons Cooperative Ltd.

Brief description of Activity:
We provide Tail lift vans services for transporting wheelchair users

Contact Details:
“Jamros” Mdina road,
[email protected]

Hex Cleaning Services Cooperative Society Ltd

Contact details:  Marlie, Triq Stefano Erardi, Ħal Safi

Koperattiva Kopta Freeze Ltd.

This cooperative operates at the Malta Freeport Terminals and its aim is to load and unload those containers which need to be monitored, plugged and unplugged due to the nature of these refrigerated containers.

c/o Malta Freeport Terminal
Port of Marsaxlokk
Kalafrana BBG05

Mobile Number: 99442309
Telephone Number: 21334372

Koperattiva Gomriza Maltese Agri Products Ltd

This cooperative aims to buy seeds, fertilizers, pesticide and agricultural machinery from abroad for the local farmers. It also strives to trade and sell abroad, locally produced products by its members.

Fruit and Vegetables Markets, Shed No. 3,

Ta’ Qali BZN 09

Telephone Numbers: 21414955; 21430933

e-mail:  [email protected]

Koperattiva Rurali Manikata Ltd(KRM Ltd)

The aim of this cooperative is to help the farmers who till the fields or rear animals in the surrounding areas. They also care for the natural environment, the development of agro-tourism and teach younger generations to be aware of these needs.

Contact Details:

The Armoury
Kamp ta’ Għajn Tuffieħa
Triq il-Manikata,
Tel: 21585581; 27585581
Email: [email protected]

Koperattiva Produtturi tat-Tadam ta’ Malta Ltd

This farmers’ cooperative was formed with the aim to help the farmers with technical and advisory assistance in tomato production and processing. They are also aided to improve the quality of their produce.

“Sterlitzia”, Triq il-Kbira,

Mobile Number: 99421975
Fax Number: 21 46 15 67
e-mail: [email protected] 

Euromed Connect Coop Ltd

This co-operative was formed to give the necessary services for all those requesting to participate in tenders and programs in E.U. The members are also prepared to give training, support and translations with regards to regulations, applications, etc.

Address: 157, Archbishop Street, Valletta VLT 1440

Telephone: 21227097

E-mail: [email protected]

GreenPaK Co-op Society Ltd.

GreenPak Coop Society is a co-operative society formed and owned by retailers, importers and manufacturers for the recovery of packaging waste.

Importers, manufacturers, producers or anyone doing trade in the Maltese market is required to recover and recycle the packaging generated through such an activity. By joining the GreenPak Scheme, any operator automatically transfers these obligations onto the scheme.

GreenPak, established in 2004, operates a compliance scheme that recovers and recycles packaging waste in the Maltese Islands.

Contact Details :

GreenPak Cooperative Society Ltd.
18, St. John Street
Fgura FGR1447

Tel : 00356 21660233
Fax : 00356 21803434

Web :

Facebook : GreenPak Coop

Email : [email protected]

Koperattiva Malta Kuba (KMK) Ltd

Koperattiva Malta-Kuba (KMK) Ltd. was set up in 2010 to serve as a link between Maltese and Cuban business interests. It further serves as a social connection for the implementation of trans-atlantic social projects and the exchange of expertise, products or services.

KMK’s Council of Management is made up of persons coming from different business professions. KMK’s setup is in line with the Maltese legislation and is duly registered with the Cooperatives’ Board.

During its initial period of operation, KMK intends to establish a close link with counterpart organizations and governmental bodies in Cuba. This would serve as a sound foundation for future cooperation aiming at generating business and surplus funds.
Whereas Koperattiva Malta-Kuba is mostly oriented towards enhancing trade between the two countries, it does not carry any political flags and is in no way bound by diplomatic preferences. The cooperative’s sole aim is to explore opportunities through sustainable, ethical and feasible commerce.

[email protected]

Koperattiva tal-Coaches Għawdex Ltd

The cooperative organises day tours around Gozo with open top coaches using the Hop on and Hop off system.

Contact details:

Address: 41A, Main Gate Street, Victoria, Gozo

Email: [email protected]

Trend Ventures Coop Ltd

A co-operative that provides conventional and internet marketing and communication and other related services.

Contact details:

72B, Triq Carmelo Farrugia, Lija

Telephone: 79791979

email: [email protected]

ME 2 Coop Ltd

Me2 started operating in April 2012. Being a social cooperative, it continuously works for persons with special needs. Its aim is to find a suitable job for these people in the private sector. We try to find work that can be done under supervision (sheltered work) for example paper work and wine labelling.

Contact details:

Ċentru Ċiviku, Block A

Triq Ir-Reġiment Maltin


MTF 1540

[email protected]

Tel/Mob no: 27885110/79421242

Facebook link:

Training 4 Life Cooperative Ltd

Training 4 Life is a cooperative made up of people who believe in life-long learning and who promote this concept to the trainees we coach. Today’s labour market is continuously shifting in such a way that Life Long Training is essential to target market needs. Research supports that the labour market is demanding an increase in the development of workers and the re-skilling of people. We are a niche of very dedicated trainers and through our collective wealth of experience and knowledge we can cater for the different strata of trainees, including different age groups, cultural and social backgrounds, various levels of education, mixed abilities and challenging behaviour. 

Contact details:

[email protected]

Addresss: 5, Cottoner Andrea Zammit Street, Lija, LJA 1301

Koperattiva Trade Trainers Ltd

Offer trade skills courses with more hands-on practice and theory, including; electrical engineering, construction-related courses, other various specialised trade skills.

Contact details:

[email protected]

Malta Boatmen and Mooring Services Co-op Ltd

Although Malta Boatmen & Mooring Services Coop Ltd is a new co-operative society, this does not mean that the group of people involved are new to the co-operatives’ line of work. Our members have a very long history in mooring, unmooring and shifting of all types of vessels within Maltese ports, our group having been part of the former Pilotage Corps.

Our cooperative is made up of 10 members, 3 of which are the Committee, 6 employees and 6 part-timers, 2 of which are stationed in Gozo. As the name implies, Malta Boatmen & Mooring Services Coop Ltd offer mooring services in almost all Maltese ports, including Gozo. Tariffs can be found on Legal Notice 253 of 2012 (Mooring Services Regulation, 2012). For any extraodinary work which is not listed in the Legal Notice, please contact one of our committee.

Contact details:

Vault VII, 1st Floor

Valletta Waterfront
Floriana, FRN 1913

Mob./Office No.: 99782020
emails: [email protected]; [email protected]

Darsia Co-operative Ltd (DCL)

Darsia Coop was founded in 2013 as a service-based cooperative, diversifying its reach from inertial and architectural design to facilitation of holiday accommodation and tourism. Its success is driven by members’ commitment towards responsible business being result-oriented. Darsia Coop is made up of a young team of graduates, specialised in their particular field with business links in Europe and beyond.

Malta Potato Exports Cooperative Ltd (Malpo Coop Ltd)

Malpo Coop Ltd. was founded to organize potato export of its potato growers in a more competitive and organized way:

–       to get the best return to the growers produce and

–       to reduce production costs by organising the members to help each other and cooperate during the growing season by sharing of labour and machinery.


Dawret il-Gudja

Gudja GDJ 0001


Tel: 356 21692393

Mob: 356 79063068

Mitħolma Co-operative Ltd

Provides services for Theatre, Film and Animation. It caters for the Organisation and Co-ordination of Cultural, Heritage and Edutainment activities and attractions.

It produces Exhibitions and Thematic Activities including Research, Writing and Interactive Presentation of Cultural and Heritage resources.

It sees to the Production and coordination of Design and Print and the Design and Production of innovative mementos, Novel Promotional Concepts and Production.

Omnicare Cooperative Ltd

Omnicare Cooperative Limited comprises of a group of specialists qualified in the various fields of security and care services industry mainly specialising in the Security, Medical, Healthcare, New Medicine and Cleansing Sectors.


We believe in proper care service dedicated to cater for all an individual needs, being of any age and nationality, while maintaining the highest standards as outlined by the European Union’s Health and Safety Standards and Regulations.


We believe that the training and betterment of our members and staff plays a key role in order to maintain and deliver the highest standards of services to our customers while focusing on our objective of offering, all our members, good working conditions, better wages and the possibility of a secure employment carrier throughout their life.


Address: Triton Mansions Blk B, Apartment 6, Triq it-Turisti, Qawra, SPB 1021, Malta

Tel: 27015601

Mob: 99452634

Consultancy Co-operative Ltd

Provide various business professionals with a business model through which they can cooperate so as to improve effectiveness of services offered.

Contact details:

Ta’ Bonzu, Triq l-Imgħażel , Swieqi, SWQ 3141

Tel: 21372462

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