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Advantages 10

Solidarity Fund

The KM Solidarity Fund was launched by Koperattivi Malta to support its co-operative members in times of need. The KM Solidarity Fund is made possible through the contribution of every co-operative member who donate towards this cause, thus supporting other members who may face difficult personal circumstances with upwards of 3 months’ salary, subject to the availability of funds. An independent board made up of 3 trusted professionals endorsed by Koperattivi Malta's council, will regulate the fund and evaluate the requests.

Koperattivi Malta Awards

Koperattivi Malta holds yearly awards ceremonies, to acknowledge the efforts, progress and resilience of the local co-operatives.

Co-operative College Malta

The Co-operative College aims to provide courses on co-operative principles, the structures, organisation and more. Professional, tailor-made training is provided. Courses can be designed to cater for specific needs.

Legal Consultancy

Koperattivi Malta offers legal consultancy to its start-up co-operatives, including free consultation on the enactment of statutes to all co-operatives associated with Koperattivi Malta.

HR Consultancy

Joining Koperattivi Malta will provide coop members with free consultancy on issues related to Human Resources. An experienced professional in the sector will help you out.

Reduced Audit Fees

Members get 20% off all accounting, auditing and taxation needs. This service will be offered by leading professionals in the field.

Office Space

Koperattivi Malta offers its start-up members temporary use of its property , including a Multi-Purpose Hall, Board Room and Office Spaces. New co-operatives can also register at Koperattivi Malta in order to benefit from using its postal address.

Advisory Services

Koperattivi Malta can offer its members specific, tailor-made advisory services in Co-operative Governance, Leadership and Entrepreneurship and much more. We will help link co-operatives with the top advisors in various sectors both locally and internationally.

Tax exemption

As an incentive, co-operatives in Malta benefit from an exemption on tax. A co-operative pays 5% contribution to CCF (Co-operatives central fund). The fund is used to further promote solidarity through training, education, research and audit.

Website & Branding Support

Through association with Koperattivi Malta, member co-operatives can benefit from discounts on support related to branding, website development and communications strategies.

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