A group of 24 students enrolled in the University of Malta’s Bachelor’s degree programme in Work and Human Resources visited Koperattivi Malta to enhance their understanding of worker participation and employee involvement within the co-operative model. This degree, born from a collaborative effort between the Centre for Labour Studies (CLS) and the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy (FEMA), offers students a comprehensive education in the field of work and human resource management.

During their visit, the students engaged in a meaningful dialogue with Mr. Louis Zammit, the President of Koperattivi Malta, and Daniel Schembri, the Chief Executive Officer of Koperattivi Malta, who shared their insights on the remarkable features of co-operative societies and their appeal as models for establishing equitable and sustainable businesses in Malta.

One of the central takeaways from this meeting was the recognition of the need for greater efforts in disseminating knowledge about co-operative organisations, evidenced by the sharing of experiences of co-operative societies with the younger generation. The students gained clarity on the power and role that cooperative societies play in a democratic and ethical community through such first-hand accounts.

Accompanying the students was Professor Godfrey Baldacchino, an esteemed figure in the field of labour studies, who presented a copy of his co-edited publication, “Co-operative Ways of Working,” to Mr. Louis Zammit as a token of appreciation for hosting their visit.

Koperattivi Malta, recognised as the apex organisation for co-operative societies in Malta, plays a pivotal role in supporting and promoting co-operatives in the country.