A new agreement signed by the the Central Co-Operative Fund, Koperattivi Malta, the Malta Cooperative Federation, and the Government of Malta will support the future of Maltese co-operatives. The agreement will have the two co-operative associations receive 70% of the contributions paid by their members, as of 2012.


Present at the press conference were Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli and Minister for Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri. Minister Dalli said that the Central Co-operatives Fund was determined to support existing and potential future co-operatives so that this sector is not only protected at present, but also allowed to thrive and grow and offer an opportunity to youths interested in entrepreneurship. Minister Dalli called for a spirit of cooperation and collaboration and held that there is no doubt that co-operatives play an important role in our society, so that, for example, food prices are fair, and products are of good quality.