Koperattivi Malta would like to thank the host and organisers of the popular T.V. programme Kikkra Te for their generous offer to provide a platform to our CEO, Mr. Daniel Schembri to speak to the public about the work being carried out by Koperattivi Malta, the apex organisation for co-operatives. Mr Schembri explained the ethical business model of co-operatives and the variety of sectors that make use of this model, ranging from agriculture, transport, advisory, physiotherapy to archaeology among others.

Mr. Schembri  also spoke at length about the nature of the co-operative model, highlighting the benefits and support structures that are being offered by Koperattivi Malta. Among these are advisory services, as well as discounted packages on website, branding, financial, HR and legal assistance.

Special thanks to Marco A. Calleja, Rachel Zammit and Pauline Marie Chetcuti.