Koperattivi Malta has been working on a number of initiatives during the month of October, all aimed at supporting current and future local co-operatives. Among these are:

  1. EU Funding

Koperattivi Malta, together with Servizzi Ewropej Malta (SEM) met with a number of member co-operatives to explore various EU funding opportunities in the areas of agriculture, business growth and start-up funding schemes. Special thanks to Mr. Darren Grasso at SEM for his invaluable support!

  1. Leadership Retreat

The council at Koperattivi Malta underwent a Leadership Retreat at the Hilltop Gardens, Naxxar earlier this month. Leadership retreats provide the opportunity for management to step away from the daily grind of their responsibilities and reconvene to reflect and renew their vision and purpose going forward.

3. Graduation

Members of the council at Koperattivi Produtturi tal-Ħalib Group Ltd. completed the Co-operative College’s Cooperative Principles & Governance Course this month – well done to all involved!