The Rebranding & Strategy reveal for Koperativi Malta, inaugarated by Hon. Silvio Schembri, Minister for the Economy, Eu funds and Lands and addressed by Mr Daniel Schembri, CEO of Kooperativi Malta and Mario Schembri Secretary-General of Koperattivi Malta was held on the 2nd June 2022 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

Koperattivi Malta has now entered into a brand new generation as the entity changed their branding completely. The rebrand of Koperattivi Malta reflects the renewed ambition to represent and promote co-operatives operating in Malta. The branding itself is simple and yet, it communicates what Koperattivi Malta is all about which is to help local businesses connect and thrive. The new website serves as a hub for members of co-operatives and the general public to learn more about co-operatives, how to start a co-operative and is full of useful resources. The organisation also aims to promote the co-operative model as a viable source of job creation and sustainability.

“Stronger together. Independent businesses. One voice”

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