Koperattivi Malta presents its proposals for Malta’s budget 2023: 

 Identity of Co-operatives

The promotion and strengthening of the identity of co-operatives should be encouraged by the government based on co-operative principles and values. Developing capacities and knowledge of the values, advantages and benefits of the cooperative model can be done through:

1)   Providing a supportive policy and legal framework consistent with the nature and function of co-operatives and guided by the co-operative values and principles that allows for a more level playing field between co-operatives and other organisational structures.

2)  Establishing a dynamic and distinctive sector of the economy that responds to the needs of the co-operative models, including a distinct support structure for worker and social co-operatives.

3)   Supporting initiatives of Education and Training across educational institutions and the general public on the co-operative model as a viable alternative to other existing organisational structures such as through adding this to the national curriculum.

Human Capital 

To address high employment within the public sector, the government should consider launching a scheme that incentivises the public sector employees to form co-operative societies.  Co-operatives in Malta, that contribute over 120 million euros yearly, have been proven to be more resilient than limited liability companies. The existing 4 co-operatives in the public sector that are currently part of Koperattivi Malta have refunded the government a significant cost in salaries over the years since their inception. This measure would also empower individuals to become self-reliant business owners who are intrinsically motivated to grow their business. In order for this to happen the government should revise the existing public policy and legal notices applicable to cooperatives in the public sector.