Koperattivi Malta is proud to share the news of their recent launch of The Co-operative College: Academy of Excellence. The Co-operative College: Academy of Excellence provides Koperattivi Malta with the opportunity to achieve the 5th Co-operative Principle, that of Education and Training, to its fullest extent. The bespoke training opportunities provided by the Academy empowers its co-operative members, representatives, managers, and employees of co-operatives, thus adding value to the co-operatives as well as helping to establish the co-operative model as a strong, viable option to other existing structures.


Koperattivi Malta, the Apex organisation across the Maltese Islands, believes that the Co-operative College is the vehicle through which the Co-operative Model will continue to grow and ultimately thrive on the Maltese Islands. The Co-operative College also presents an opportunity for unity among the co-operative associations where organic networking and communal growth will play their part in everyone pulling the same rope for the collective benefit of the current and future local co-operatives.