Agrifair 2024 witnessed the participation of Koperattivi Malta alongside its esteemed members, including KMMN, FCCS, Koperattiva Għasel Malti Ltd., Koperattiva Produtturi taż-Żebbuġ Ltd, Daily Dairy Distribution Cooperative Ltd., and Koperattiva Produtturi tat-Tadam Ltd. Notably, it marked the inaugural presence of Koperattivi Malta at the event, showcasing its locally sourced products.

A highlight of this year’s Agrifair was Koperattivi Malta’s introduction of its own salad, prepared using ingredients exclusively from its member cooperatives. This strategic move emphasised the organisation’s commitment to fostering local agriculture and sustainability.

The reception from attendees was positive, with many expressing appreciation for the freshness and quality of Koperattivi Malta’s salad. This speaks volumes about the increasing consumer preference for locally sourced goods.

The success achieved by Koperattivi Malta at Agrifair 2024 underscores the significance of cooperative efforts in advancing sustainable agricultural practices. It exemplifies the pivotal role that such initiatives play in promoting community-driven solutions to food production and distribution challenges, making sure that the public are well knowledged on our local food market.

As Agrifair 2024 concluded, Koperattivi Malta reflected on its achievements with a sense of pride and determination. Looking ahead, the organisation remains committed to furthering its mission of promoting local agriculture and contributing to a more sustainable future.