Koperattivi Malta’s President of the Council Louis Zammit and CEO Daniel Schembri are currently attending a conference in Seville organised by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) and COCETA (Spanish Confederation of Worker Co-operatives) on the theme Co-operatives: The time is now!

This event brings together over 700 co-operative workers and members from across the Globe, a highly anticipated gathering following the past two years of forced virtualisation and was inaugurated by the Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labour and Social Economy in Spain, Yolanda Díaz and Antonio Muñoz, Mayor of Seville and together with the president of Co-operatives Europe, Susanne Westhausen and the presidents of the ICA and COCETA, Ariel Guarco and Luis Miguel Jurado, respectively.

Luis Miguel Jurado, president of COCETA, emphasized that co-operatives are needed to build a better world. He further highlighted that the co-operative model is resilient and designed to survive social and economic challenges. The president of ICA, Ariel Guarco, expressed that co-operatives are extremely effective models that are centered around people and puts the economy in the hands of the people.

The members of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) have renewed the mandate of Ariel Guarco as their President for the next four years by means of the election held throughout their General Assembly. Koperattivi Malta wishes to congratulate Mr. Guarco on his role renewal and augur the continuation of a long-standing positive relationship with our friends at ICA.