A value-driven and principle-based approach is at the heart of all cooperatives. This is reflected across cooperative operations, clientele and members and is further encapsulated through the internationally agreed upon 7 principles that are embodied by all cooperatives across the globe.

While cooperatives are indeed independent business and therefore are formed and managed autonomously, unity amongst cooperatives is a hallmark of the cooperative model, encapsulated in the 6th such principle: Cooperation amongst cooperatives.

By working together through robust local and international structures, the strength of such a diverse network allows each cooperative to uniquely contribute its services as well as to allow for a combination of efforts with others to reach intended goals. Such a collaborative approach differs from other non-cooperative businesses who may be obliged to compete against one another for profit. Cooperation amongst cooperatives better serves not only members and clients, but allows for more effective contributions towards the economy as well as the community.

Koperattivi Malta’s celebrates their member cooperatives who exemplify the 6th Cooperative Principle: Outlook cooperative who have partnered up with Lync Cooperative as well as GreenPak Cooperative who will be working closely with Outnet Cooperative.

Collaboration works!