In recent years, there has been a growing trend of organisations shifting to the Co-operative Model, as the awareness of the benefits of the co-operative model become more widespread.

This shift towards co-operative ownership is driven by a number of factors, including a desire for more democratic and equitable business models and a need for greater stability and security in a rapidly changing economic landscape. Co-operatives boast a democratic and equitable ownership structure, where members have an equal say in decision-making and share in the profits, therefore creating a more equal distribution of wealth and power. This democratic structure ensures that the organisation is serving the needs and interests of its members, rather than that interests of a small group of owners or shareholders as is typical in other organisational structures.

Another key reason for the shift towards co-operatives is the recognition that co-operatives are often more stable and secure than other traditional business models, as members are more invested in the success of the business and are less likely to face dismissals or redundancies and other forms of job insecurity. Co-operatives are known for for their resiliency and for contributing to their community’s resiliency, making them able to respond quickly to changing circumstances as was evident by many throughout the pandemic.

Co-operatives are also committed to social responsibility and sustainability as part of their core values, this also supports the building of trust and loyalty among members and customers alike. The Co-operative Model is therefore fast gaining recognition within the public sphere as a more equitable sustainable and democratic form of ownership for organisations for all types and sizes.

Join the co-operative movement and break free from conventional hierarchies – its time to be your own boss and chart your own success story.


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