Omnicare Cooperative Ltd

Omnicare Cooperative Limited comprises of a group of specialists qualified in the various fields of security and care services industry mainly specialising in the Security, Medical, Healthcare, New Medicine and Cleansing Sectors.

We believe in proper care service dedicated to cater for all an individual needs, being of any age and nationality, while maintaining the highest standards as outlined by the European Union’s Health and Safety Standards and Regulations.

We believe that the training and betterment of our members and staff plays a key role in order to maintain and deliver the highest standards of services to our customers while focusing on our objective of offering, all our members, good working conditions, better wages and the possibility of a secure employment carrier throughout their life.



Address: Castle Bar Court, Flat 3 Triq it Tempesta, Bugibba SPB2681, Malta

Tel: 27015601

Mob: 99452634



OmniCare Coop Limited Logo Small

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