Koperattiva Malta Kuba (KMK) Ltd

 Koperattiva Malta-Kuba (KMK) Ltd. was set up in 2010 to serve as a link between Maltese and Cuban business interests. It further serves as a social connection for the implementation of trans-atlantic social projects and the exchange of expertise, products or services.

KMK’s Council of Management is made up of persons coming from different business professions. KMK’s setup is in line with the Maltese legislation and is duly registered with the Cooperatives’ Board.

During its initial period of operation, KMK intends to establish a close link with counterpart organizations and governmental bodies in Cuba. This would serve as a sound foundation for future cooperation aiming at generating business and surplus funds.

Whereas Koperattiva Malta-Kuba is mostly oriented towards enhancing trade between the two countries, it does not carry any political flags and is in no way bound by diplomatic preferences. The cooperative’s sole aim is to explore opportunities through sustainable, ethical and feasible commerce.


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