This short course is designed to equip accountants with the knowledge to advise clients on setting up and managing co-operatives effectively.

Key topics covered throughout the programme will include:

  1. The Cooperative Identity, Values & Principles.
  2. The Role of Cooperatives in our Economic Development.
  3. The Cooperative Model as a viable business model
  4. Funding opportunities for Cooperatives
  5. Establishing & Registering a Cooperative
  6. Cooperative Legislation
  7. The Role of the Board of Cooperatives
  8. The Role of the Central Cooperative Fund

The programme will be comprised of the following speakers:

1. Daniel Schembri – Chief Executive Officer at Koperattivi Malta
2. Rennie Azzopardi – Director at The Cooperatives Board
3. Marvin Zammit – Secretary at the Central Cooperative Fund
4. Antoine Naudi – Founding Member at Naudi Mizzi and Associates Advocates
5. Jean Paul Debono – Managing Partner at Debono & Associates: Certified Public Accountants
6. Arthur Douglas Turner – Managing Partner at Parker Russell Turner: Certified Public Accountants and Auditors


This course is being held on the 30th November at 1400 – 1700 hrs at Hilltop Gardens, Naxxar.


Certification will be provided to all participants upon completion of course.