About Us

Mission Statement

Koperattivi Malta is a non-political organisation set up by the Co-operative Societies Act of 2001 for the sole purpose of representing and promoting the co-operative movement in the Maltese Islands. Koperattivi Malta mission is to provide vital services to its members in the fields of education,training, and management consultancy aimed at enhancing the co-operative movement and the benefits derived there from by its members. Koperattivi Malta is also committed towards the proactive representation of the movement locally and in international fora.

Koperattivi Malta’s vision

Koperattivi Malta vision is to strive towards the achievement of excellence in all the services it provides to its members. In so doing, it shall endeavour to introduce a culture of excellence coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit within the Maltese Co-operative Movement. This will ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the movement, placing it on a nationally recognised and respected platform as a viable source of economic activity and job creation.

Koperattivi Malta’s Statute

Click here to view the collection of clauses that regulate the setting up and operations of Koperattivi Malta.


The timeline below shows the number of cooperatives that joined the cooperative movement since 1947 up to date, including the cooperatives that were disbanded. In 1946, the first Act was passed and in 1947 nine societies were set up on the Maltese Islands. All of these were in the agriculture sector. Is it is with great satisfaction to note that the great majority are still operating. Later on, during the fifties and sixties other societies sprouted up. These were the co-operatives of milk producers, animal husbandry and fisheries. During the eighties, other societies emerged relating to various services sectors. Nowadays we find various worker co-operatives operating in such diverse sectors as transport, media, financial services, road services and others.

  • 19479 Cooperatives
  • 196713 Cooperatives
  • 198715 Cooperatives
  • 199729 Cooperatives
  • 200238 Cooperatives
  • 200748 Cooperatives
  • 201057 Cooperatives
  • 201473 Cooperatives
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